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April 2014



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                  Your "ALL IN ONE" Resort and Restaurant

on Cebu-Philippines


Back to personal contacts.....

Find your partner in web

have your friends in Facebook

Skype instead if visiting

But not at BBB

we want to have the personal contact.

For this you´ll get the true BBB rate onbly here

with our comfortable direct booking engine WITHOUT fees!!!!

No other booking engine will give that price!

And you can rely on working direct with us!!!!


clicke here for bargain bookingclicke here for bargain booking


The new sensation of BBB Resort

Make a minimum of 1200 Peso in our restaurant and get one free spin

The ultimate wishing wheel-every spin a guarantee of a price-

because-only here are the winners!!!

the unique BBB wishing wheelthe unique BBB wishing wheel

The ultimate offers are going on.....

It´s up to you how you like to see the famous walesharks...

Have an all in all 6 hours trip-restless and stressy for 30 minutes fun....



Click the picture to learn the Number One in AlcoyClick the picture to learn the Number One in Alcoy

Get more for your money!

Walesharks included to Overnight stays in BBB Resort-the Number One Spot in Alcoy

included 1 Wellness Massage, Breakfast and Dinner

and additional Waterfall Fun after the Waleshark Tour.

Regular Price at 12.000 Peso

Now* (*only Sunday to Wednesday):

Starting up from 6.590 Php only!!!!!




Your morning viewYour morning view




  • Safety from Tsunamis and Earthquakes? OF COURSE
  • Experienced and competent management? A MUST
  • Clean and nice equipped? SELF-UNDERSTANDING
  • Good cuisine-national and international? SHURE
  • Easy access to the Local People? QUITE EASY
  • Fun, ambience and variety of activities? Mandantory


This are OUR minimum requirements to OUR Resort/Restaurant.

This are things YOU have to expect and You can find all over the world in many destinations.

But BBB is more...

  • BBB Resort and Restaurant AlcoyBBB Resort and Restaurant Alcoy


We are only satisfied if our customers also is. Everywhere in BBB you will feel our continious aspire to donate memorable moments to our customers.
Our View is uncomparable for we are located on a small hillside place easy to find.
BBB is equipped with wonderful facilities-most of it free to use for our customers.
Of course FREE WiFi acess is available in the whole area of BBB.

Party and Fun-EventsParty and Fun-Events
Relaxation is our promise to you.
But we are also specialists in
and Event Management
All you need-we can offer

Seminars and Teambuilding

At BBB you´ll find a fully equipped function hall with modern Audio-and Video-Tech.
But BBB has more:
On demand we can offer certificated Trainers in Teambuilding and Managment.
Additional to Indoor Seminars we combine the Seminars with Outdoor-Guided-Teambuilding Activities.
Certificated Seminars and TeambuildingCertificated Seminars and Teambuilding

The human aspect...

One of our biggest advantages...
Our employees!
We are real FAMILY and our customers are a part of it.
Of course our employees are constantly trained in hotel and restaurant standards.
But one thing we cannot train:

The unique PERSONALITY of our Service
 all members of the BBB Family possess-you will appreciate!
BBB employees Alcoy CebuBBB employees Alcoy Cebu








                 BBB Resort and Restaurant Alcoy CebuBBB Resort and Restaurant Alcoy Cebu



Bodos Bamboo Bar
Hotel & Resort Cebu, Alcoy
+63 923 4484877+63 923 4484877